Everything You Need To Know About MassageTherapy

Massage therapy is perhaps one of the most ancient of healing traditions. Many cultures including the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Indians utilized the therapeutic benefits of massage for improving and maintaining health within their communities.

Massage therapy includes many varied techniques depending on the focus of the treatment, but overall they all belong to one of two broad categories:

  • 1. Relaxation massage (also known as Swedish massage)
  • 2. Remedial or therapeutic massage which incorporates a broad range of techniques and approaches

Relaxation Massage

The slow smooth strokes of relaxation massage (also known as Swedish massage) encourage the body and mind to deeply relax. Add to this the low pressure application of circular movements and gentle kneading and you have a treatment that is a completely pain free way to unwind and relax. Many clients find that they are not aware of how much stress and tension they are carrying around until it is released. Relaxation massage provides many other health benefits both physically and psychologically.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage treatments are designed to address specific conditions such as pain (including back, shoulder, neck and knee pain), postural imbalances, and a vast array of symptoms and conditions including recovery from injury. Remedial massage therapy incorporates a wide array of techniques including relaxation techniques, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, dynamic and passive stretching techniques, acupressure therapy, chapman’s reflexes therapy and other echniques as required.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Conditions which benefit from Massage Therapy

Please note that you will be draped at all times with only the area being treated being exposed at any time protecting your privacy and safety.

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